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Convention Report: Heroes Con '09 - Mind your P's & Q's
Comfort & Adam's Art Blog
Convention Report: Heroes Con '09

Heroes Con has come and gone, and boy what a weekend it was. We had an absolute blast with fans, creators, and yakkity-shmackers of all stripes. Sold a ton of books (a metric butt-load of trades) and did bunches of sketches. We’ll post our convention doodlins throughout this entry as always but before we begin, it was Adam's birthday on Sunday, and when we got home Monday, his mom had baked him a cake. Those who don't know Adam's mom have yet to taste the best cakes in existance. She used to make them all the time, but doesn't do many any more. And though the decorations on this one are nothing compared to some of the works of art she's done in the past, it was more special than ever to him. Have a look:

Momma Withers' Uniques cake. Just as sweet as she is!

Now on with the con report! Cooooooonnn!!!

Ares sketch card by Adam

Athena by Comfort

Hercules by Adam

We flew into
Charlotte, NC early on Thursday. Like, 6:30 am early. It was actually nice, because we had the day to relax, decompress, and could set up our booth at a leisurely pace. It was a nice alternative to the usually more frantic, sleep-deprived method of arriving in the later afternoon and rushing to the con center in a hurry. We went out to eat with a lovely group of folks that have been getting sketches from us for years, and who are currently enjoying what they’re calling the “Year of the Serpent.” What’s that mean? It means they’re getting Serpent Society sketches. Bunches of them. We did two more for them that night:

Black Mamba's Indecent Proposal by Comfort

Anaconda by Adam

We love those guys. Since we know they check out the blog - here’s a shout out--


Friday was surprisingly busy compared to usual Fridays. Not a ton of traffic, but everybody was buying. We started doing sketch cards for the first time and though we aren’t sure if we’ll keep doing them, they did seem to be a decent hit with the people who wanted them. We sold so many copies of the Uniques TPBs that by Friday night we were afraid we’d sell out before the weekend’s finish.

That night, we went out with the representatives from
Comic Geek Speak at the show - Bryan Deemer, Brian "Pants" Christman and Adam Murdough - as well as our old, dear friend Bryan J.L. Glass and his wife, Judy. We went to a neat little soul-food place and had some delicious food and delightful conversation. Oh, that hardly tells the tale - we had a great, great time with them all, talking about movies, comics, old cartoons, and whether the new Star Trek franchise could overtake Star Wars in the hearts of a new generation of kids.

Back to the hotel for even more chatting, we eventually wound up the meat in a mouse sandwich;
Bryan “Mice Templar” Glass on one side of us, and David “Mouse Guard” Peterson to the other. David and Adam got to talking about Flint, their hometown (much as David would like to deny Adam’s legitimacy!) and Michigan in general. It was a long night, and we slept quite soundly.

Starfire by Comfort

Disco-era Nightwing by Adam

Batman by Comfort with a li'l assist by Adam when she had to leave the table.

Robin by Adam - this one was done in under 30 minutes at the very end of the day Saturday!

Saturday was slower than anticipated, but still solid for business. Adam got himself trapped in a Poison Ivy sketch that he just kept adding to and adding to, doodling and doodling, until it spiraled into a piece that he almost hated to have to give away. It didn’t have to be as big a deal as he made it, but… he trapped himself, like we said.

Adam's mega-crazy Poison Ivy

Comfort's more rational Poison Ivy

Saturday night we ate with Jimmy and Joe from Comic News Insider. Jimmy we’d been able to hang with before (one of the most fun guys you can meet at a con), but we’d never met Joe in person before and that was nice to get fixed. We also met Joe’s sister Amy, and the two were adorable to watch together. It was a lot of fun. Back at the hotel, we spent time with
Scott Wegener and Jeff Powell of Atomic Robo fame. Oh, you haven’t read Atomic Robo? Then why are you still here?! Get that book, read it, then return post-haste for the rest of this blog. It’s okay. We can wait.

Scott looks an astonishing amount like Giovanni Ribisi. And as it turns out, we briefly worked with Mr. Powell and didn’t realize it - he was the letterer on Children of Dust, one of the many, many “pitch books” we did before starting The Uniques. Small world. We also briefly met with Ryan Bodenheim, artist on Image’s Red Mass for Mars. Great book, great guy, good times.

Hawkeye (by Adam) and Mockingbird (by Comfort) done on a Dark Avengers sketch-cover.

Namor sketch cards by Adam (L) and Comfort (R)

Magneto sketch cards by Adam (L) and Comfort (R)

Sunday we did some interviews with Jimmy and Joe for Comic News Insider and Chuck Moore for Comic Related. We’ve talked about the CNI guys, but we want to tell you a little something about Mr. Moore. We’ve seen Chuck several times over the last couple years, and he’s one of the few people who remembers that little “proof of concept” ashcan we were hauling around in 2007 to show that Uniques was underway and coming soon. Not only does he remember that, he remembers liking it!

Chuck has been a huge booster for us from the beginning. Nay-- from before the beginning! And he’s used his website, Comic Related, to help bring what attention he could our way. In this industry, even the smallest, most insignificant scrap of public attention is warred over like players trying to hold
Asia in Risk. No book survives unless people know about it and hear good things about it. To that end, Chuck Moore has been one of the best friends we could have had, professionally. And having spent a lot of time talking with him over the years, he’s a pretty dang good guy to know personally, too.

Thanks, Chuck.

Uniques headshots on a fan's comic box. Telepath by Adam, Michael by Comfort

Harley Quinn by Comfort

Sunday night we met up with the creator crowd at the comic book store owned by the show-runner for Heroes, a little place called
Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find. It is easily one of the most awesome comic stores we’ve ever seen. After some free food, great conversation, and more hilarious David Peterson stories, we once again retired to the convention hotel lobby for a nightcap.

That’s where we met
these kids. We say kids out of reflex - they’re our age, but we get so used to be surrounded by people 10+ years older than us, people our own age look really young. They’re insanely talented people, and we talked a long, long time with them about how tough it can be to break into the industry when you have a style that people love and can’t get enough of but doesn’t look ‘safe’ enough for editors. Give them a look; they’re well worth your time. Jerry, Penelope, Bryan, Jose - it was great meeting you. Keep the faith.

Cheetarah (Thundercats) vs. Steelheart (Silverhawks) by Adam. Mudwrestling by request ;)

Lightning Lad by Comfort

And that was it. It was a long weekend, and we’re exhausted. Still. And we have a whole comic to finish by the end of the month. Yikes. Probably ought to get back to work, now…

See you-

Adam & Comfort

P.S. - Here are some pics of costumes we saw at the show. Enjoy!



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From: (Anonymous) Date: June 23rd, 2009 11:59 pm (UTC) (Link)

Heroes Con

Damn Damn Damn Damn....wish I could have gone this year. Love the con update and sketches. I missed dinner Friday with the other "Cranboyz", they really are a fun group of people. Wicked glad to hear The Uniques sales did so well...(You're correct...rent and food are good ;)Twitter) Keep up the great work!! Hope to see you both this fall season. - Shawn
nukesimek From: nukesimek Date: June 24th, 2009 02:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
What a great show, so much fun! We had a blast hanging with the 2 of you, I am really glad we got the chance! Thanks for rocking The Year of the Serpent for me, way too cool! Of course, it looks like you had no problem producing awesome artwork all weekend!

hbrika From: hbrika Date: June 24th, 2009 08:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
Happy Birthday Adam! You rock sir! I bet the cake was delicious

And!! I knew you could draw pictures of scantily clad hot women! Here you can have your man card back!

And mud wreslting!! You dawg
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