Comfort Love & Adam Withers (comfort_adam) wrote,
Comfort Love & Adam Withers

C2E2 this weekend!

Hey everyone - it's time to go back to our beloved Chicago and visit C2E2! Woooooooo!

As always we're going to be doing sketches, sellin' prints, stock piled with copies of Rainbow in the Dark as well as the last copies of The Uniques there will ever be for this run...and a new sketchbook - check it out!

Nice huh? That's the wrap around cover for the book. And here are some of the double page splashes we've got in the book...

Our Disney Princesses we did for the Heroes Con auction

Comfort's Dr. Who pin-up and some of her sketches. There's a whole page of Adam's Dr. Who stuff too!

A page of Mass Effect art by Adam. And tons more! It's 52 pages of awesomeness!

....And we’ll be running our ‘What to Read' Panel on Saturday from 1:45-2:45pm!

Lastly, here's a map of where we are in Artist Alley if you want to find us. Again, we're gonna be at table L-9, which is really close to the stage area. Come find us, we can't wait to see you there!

Until next time,

Comfort & Adam

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