Comfort Love & Adam Withers (comfort_adam) wrote,
Comfort Love & Adam Withers

This year's pin-ups - another update!

Okay guys - we wanted to start off with something awesome and finished. Adam got done with his Naruto Shippuden poster this weekend and holy smokes, it looks AMAZING! he's proud of it (a rear accurance for Adam) and Comfort is in love with it - it's totally her desktop right now!

It was a lot of hard work that Adam put into this one - but it was all worth it because (as you all know) we LOVE Naruto - and that made ever moment all the more fun.

Next is an update on Comfort's Star Wars Prequels. It's really coming along - almost done at this point.

Like we said, Comfort's close! Although, this one has taken a particularly long time. There's an insane amount of detail that has to go into this thing.

Comfort also got her flats back on her Adventure Time poster. With any luck that one will go a lot faster then Star Wars has.

Flats by the amazing young Krista Schuhman!

And lastly, because Adam finished his work on his Naruto Shippuden image he's finally gotten to start the tone work for his Game of Thrones: Days of Future Past image. Check it out!!!

All for today. We'll see you back here on Wednesday!

Comfort & Adam
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