Comfort Love & Adam Withers (comfort_adam) wrote,
Comfort Love & Adam Withers

This year's pin-ups - update!

Hey our peoples - just thought we'd update you on how things are coming over here. Right now we're in the middle of working on all the pin-ups we were showing off last week - and we're happy to report that things are coming along smashingly!

Let's go in the same order we did last time...

Adam's Game of Thrones is currently in it's flats stage!

While Comfort's Star Wars Prequels poster is just over a third done.

...and her Adventure Time pin-up has it's drawing all done as of last night!

Lastly is Adam's Naruto Shippuden image. Beautiful, isn't it? And it's only gonna get cooler!

All for today guys - here's hoping we get done soon. Currently Adam is working on putting together his new computer - so wish him luck there!

Talk soon you crazy kids!

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