Comfort Love & Adam Withers (comfort_adam) wrote,
Comfort Love & Adam Withers

This year's pin-ups!

As you all know we like to do at least a few new pin-ups for each new convention season. And this year is no exception! This year we're doing five new pin-ups - five! The four you see below and the fifth will come out mid-way through the year. Oh, these are all gonna be so awesome!

Okay, so let's go down the list here starting with Adam's inspired Game of Thrones by way of Days of Future Past pin-up. This is an idea he came up with last year while we were working out and he was lucky enough to not have anyone else pick up on it in the idea in the meantime while we were finishing Rainbow and working on our book for Random House.

Words cannot begin to describe how pleased Adam was when he came up with this idea. Game of Thrones and X-men fans - eat your hearts out!

Second up is Comfort's Star Wars Prequels pin-up. Something that's been a long time coming as Comfort was supposed to do it last year with Adam's Star Wars Classic...but as you all know we ended up being ridiculously swamped with other things all year long last year. And thus, Comfort really didn't get to do much of anything by way of pin-ups for 2013...but 2014 is a totally different year. Check it out!

This little beauty took For-EVER to draw! So many little details on one massive 22x17 canvas. Hopefully it's all worth it when all this Star Wars goodness is colored and done!

Speaking of Comfort's pin-ups - she's also working on a DELIGHTFUL Adventure Time pin-up. Something she's been waiting to do ever since she was introduced to the show by our friends Kris and Ian a couple of years ago!

Both the world of Fionna and Finn. Somewhat of a challenge to put the world into her style - but it's coming along ;D

Lastly is a pin-up of Adam's that's the embodiment of everything we've been looking for in a Naruto Pin-up...but in all our searches for Naruto art to put up on our walls - we're never able to quite find. So, Adam decided to take it upon himself to do his ultimate version.

Oh Naruto, how we love you. Out of all the pin-ups we're doing - this is our personal favorite.

Hope you all enjoy what we is doin'! We'll keep you all updated on our progress!!!

Until Wednesday!

Comfort & Adam
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