Comfort Love & Adam Withers (comfort_adam) wrote,
Comfort Love & Adam Withers

Rainbow: Omnibus in Comic Shops for early release!

So as you can see, Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga is out! Color us surprised, because we were told by Diamond that it wasn't going to be released until the 11th. But late yesterday we started receiving messages from comic shop owners and fans alike that they'd received/seen the copies at their stores! We even just got our first review/recommendation from Comics Worth Reading!

This means that for a full week - your local comic shops are the only places to get Rainbow in the Dark!

So, for friends for Christmas, for yourself, heck even to support your local comic store - please, if you haven't gotten yourself a copy of the book, do so today! It would mean sooooo very much to us!

And get excited everyone! if you ever wanted to tell people about your love for Rainbow in the Dark - now's the time! Through blog posts, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, fanart on Deviant Art - get out there and make it happen!

Heck, it's even already starting  - Travis Perkins is putting up a whole set of fanart that's been coming out on the lead-up to Rainbow's release! Check it out!

L-R: Us with Rainbow guns, Raina being arrested, and Luke with his guitar. You can check out even more of these on Travis' DA page!

More to come as the week goes on!

Comfort & Adam
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