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Convention Report: Summit City 2011

In our ongoing attempt to actually catch up on our con reports, we present to you a delightful little one-day show called Summit City that is held in the land of Fort Wayne Indiana!

Captain America & Diamondback by Adam

Mad Hatter by Comfort

We drove down to Indiana on Friday and got there in what felt like no time at all after the loooong 12 hour drive we had just done to Heroes Con. After so many years of conning we've been conditioned to see any drive of less than five hours as miniscule at best. Why, the time practically flew! Ha! We set up and had a long conversation with Zack Kruse and Cameron Merkler, two of the guys responsible for Summit City, and the guys that got us to give the show a try. We talked about digital comics and the future of the comics industry, typical conversations for our times but particularly interesting here as Zack and Cameron also run Discount Comic Book Service, the best online comic dealer in existence. Since they also run a very nice brick-and-mortar store, they have a pretty wide perspective. It was a wonderful like-minded conversation that made the general tedium of convention setup a breeze.

When we were all finished, we headed off to get some food and ended up at a Japanese hibachi restaurant which was situated on top of another restaurant, neither of which had any signs posted inside the old building that housed them both. Figuring out where you were inside was pretty awkward, and we completely missed the small stairs that led up to the hibachi and almost wound up eating at a steakhouse grill instead. We figured it out eventually and enjoyed both a meal and a show as the grillmaster did his food-flippy magic.

Shadowcat by Adam

Ice by Comfort

We rolled back to the hotel to drop off our bags and headed off to the pre-party at the DCBS store. The store itself was fantastic. It's one of those stores that make you wonder why more people don't run their businesses so well. We've been happy to have found so many like stores on our travels, and always try to thank the proprietors for running such stand-up establishments, bucking the dominant strain of "creepy guy's basement" comic stores out there. We had some great conversations with several people and just generally had a fun time. We did some drawing, as we always do, and tapped out about 11pm. It was early for us, but as we've said before con fatigue was starting to get to us. Our batteries just weren't holding out as well as they used to.

We arrived at the show early Saturday morning, set out our stuff, and almost immediately got hit with sketches. We wound up with a very comfortable level of drawings to do - not so much that we felt overwhelmed at a one-day show, but not so few that we ever got bored. We sold some books, sold some prints, and talked about the Green Lantern movie that we had yet to see at the time. Overall it was an excellent time and reminded us a lot of the Windy City convention that the Around Comics guys used to run. Seriously, if you live anywhere in the midwest and Indiana isn't too much of a drive for you, we highly recommend the Summit City con. It's a really good time.

Thing & She-Hulk sketch cover by Adam

Sketch cards: Mad Hatter by Comfort & Green Arrow/Black Canary by Adam

After the show we went out to eat with delightful sweetheart, Uniques Tales contributor, and cake-in-a-mug purveyor Meg ‘Cheeko’ Syverud and her ultra-talented boyfriend, Milo Neuman. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot, but when dinner was over we were just exhausted. We were looking down the road knowing that in the next two weeks we had two more shows, one of which a huge trip out to L.A., and we just didn't have the strength to stay up any longer. So we bowed out of the con after-party and just went back to the hotel to sleep.

It was a nice weekend. One-day shows are tricky monsters; there's so little time that it can be hard to know what you'll get. But we had a really good time and did some decent business, feeling completely satisfied when we drove home. We were close to the finish-line and looking forward to the break that was coming after L.A.

...Which we'll talk about next week when we finish our Con Report Catch-Up! See you then-
Adam & Comfort


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