Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics: How To Create and Sell Your Comics, Manga, and Webcomics


Me and Adam have done a How-To book from Random House:
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics: How to Create and Sell Your Comics, Manga, and Webcomics

It's AWESOME and it’s out for pre-order right now!

We’ve been waiting For-EVER to say something and now we can! So all that time we looked like we weren’t creating anything...well we were doing this! 240 pages teaching you the ins and outs of creating your own comic, manga, or webcomic from concept to publication!

...and it’s got 72 A-mazing sidebars from some of the top people in the industry today! And holy smokes they’re spectacular!

Seriously, pick up this book - it’s one of our life’s achievements!
Pre-Order at...
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Featured item in the Diamond Catalog: MAR151750 COMPLETE GUIDE TO SELF PUBLISHING COMICS SC

C2E2 this weekend!

Hey everyone - it's time to go back to our beloved Chicago and visit C2E2! Woooooooo!

As always we're going to be doing sketches, sellin' prints, stock piled with copies of Rainbow in the Dark as well as the last copies of The Uniques there will ever be for this run...and a new sketchbook - check it out!

Nice huh? That's the wrap around cover for the book. And here are some of the double page splashes we've got in the book...

Our Disney Princesses we did for the Heroes Con auction

Comfort's Dr. Who pin-up and some of her sketches. There's a whole page of Adam's Dr. Who stuff too!

A page of Mass Effect art by Adam. And tons more! It's 52 pages of awesomeness!

....And we’ll be running our ‘What to Read' Panel on Saturday from 1:45-2:45pm!

Lastly, here's a map of where we are in Artist Alley if you want to find us. Again, we're gonna be at table L-9, which is really close to the stage area. Come find us, we can't wait to see you there!

Until next time,

Comfort & Adam

Emerald City Comic Con - here we come!!!!

In just a few days (Comfort And Adam) are going to be at one of, if not the best, comic show of the year - Emerald City Comic Con, March 28-30th!

As always we’re going to be in artist alley (table U-12) selling copies of Rainbow in the Dark, The Uniques, prints, and doing sketches until our hands fall off!

We've even got 7 new prints at the show!

Comfort's Adventure Time pin-up and Star Wars Prequels pin-up!

Adam's Shippuden pin-up by Adam and Kakashi and Team 7 by Comfort

Adam's Game of Thrones by way of Days of Future Past and Gurren Lagann. And our Uniques pin-up for Monsters and Dames

We’re also in this year’s Monster’s and Dames book!

We're also running two panels:

What to Read!: Friday at 6:20pm Hall C, Room 610

Creating your Comic/Manga from Concept to Publication: Sunday at 2:00pm, Room 2B

Can’t wait to see you all at the show!

Comfort and Adam

Store signing: Kendall and Vault of Midnight GR adventure!

Today we thought we’d let you know how that big store signing/college talk thing went for us a little while ago. Remember that? Yeah. We’ve been busy. But here we go – Vault of Midnight! Grand Rapids, Michigan! Hoo-ah!

We drove out to G-Rap, our former residence of days gone by, and settled in with good friends. The kinds of good friends who set you up to play Kinect games on their X-Box and then surreptitiously sneak photos of you looking like a fool. That kind. But we’re used to being photo-ninja’d when hanging with Chris and Jennifer, so we more or less expected it. The upside is getting some nice pictures to balance out the goofs. And, as you can see, we never go anywhere without also getting work done.

Big thanks to Chris and Jennifer for never getting annoyed that we always have our drawing boards out when we come over. Some people wouldn’t be as understanding, but our friends are the best.

Thursday morning we got up extremely early (for us) and went downtown to meet some former students of ours for brunch. All are doing well. Krista and Will still work with us from time to time (Will much more so; stay tuned) but it was good to see li’l Brant doing gangbusters with his tattoo work and John becoming a serious musical composer. Great concert, John – we’re so proud!

We then went to Kendall College of Art and Design – our old alma mater – to put on a slightly expanded version of our “Let’s Make a Character!” seminar. Normally we just talk about character creation and comics and stuff, but for the sake of a slightly more general collegiate audience, we got much deeper into the business of comics and life as a professional freelancer. It was a pretty good time, and Adam got to do his drawing on a fancy-pants Cintique. Ooooh. It worked easily, and Adam never looked like an old geezer unaware of how to work this modern technology. Whew.

The character we crafted was a female antagonist trying to bring down a futuristic world of floating buildings and wild technology. What was cute, though, was that one of the professors and her son were drawing along with Adam. Here are all three pieces – Adam’s, Professor Susan Bonner’s, and little Dylan Fischer’s. Awesome.

Afterward, we recorded a little video for Kendall (which we’ll share once it’s available) and headed a few blocks over to the awesome Vault of Midnight comic shop. Seriously, just look at this place. It’s so amazing. We wish like heck there was a comic store like this in Grand Rapids when we lived there.

The signing was a really fun time. The guys and gal at VoM took great care of us, and so many people came out. We signed books, we reviewed portfolios - it was a busy few hours. There was even a group that drove an hour and a half to get to see us. We felt pretty special, we won’t lie. This was the picture they posted of us:

Cute, right? Kids these days - all comics are manga. We've been saying it a long time now, but it's only more true as we go along: comics is comics is comics. It doesn't matter the format, just that it reaches people. If manga fans think Rainbow in the Dark is a manga, then it is. If comic fans call One Piece a comic book, so be it. None of those labels matter, so long as readers are finding stories to love.

When it was all done, we cashed out and spent a little last time with Chris and Jennifer and another GR buddy Dan before starting home. It was a fun couple days, and made us miss being closer to some of the close friends we had back there. Thanks to everybody who made it out – it was great seeing you! And keep shopping at Vault of Midnight. We sure wish we lived close enough to do it ourselves.

Next week we fly to Seattle for Emerald City. A little more on that in the coming blog. See you then!

-Comfort & Adam

This year's pin-ups - yet another update!

Okay, we're getting really close to being done here. So crazy excited!!!!

As a matter of fact, Comfort's Star Wars Prequels is done! A MASSIVE amount of work - but so well worth it!

Adam's Game of Thrones by way of Days of Future Past is actually really close to being done too!

...and Comfort's Adventure time is nice and started. With any luck these will all be done by the end of the weekend!!!

Until next week!

Comfort & Adam

This year's pin-ups - another update!

Okay guys - we wanted to start off with something awesome and finished. Adam got done with his Naruto Shippuden poster this weekend and holy smokes, it looks AMAZING! he's proud of it (a rear accurance for Adam) and Comfort is in love with it - it's totally her desktop right now!

It was a lot of hard work that Adam put into this one - but it was all worth it because (as you all know) we LOVE Naruto - and that made ever moment all the more fun.

Next is an update on Comfort's Star Wars Prequels. It's really coming along - almost done at this point.

Like we said, Comfort's close! Although, this one has taken a particularly long time. There's an insane amount of detail that has to go into this thing.

Comfort also got her flats back on her Adventure Time poster. With any luck that one will go a lot faster then Star Wars has.

Flats by the amazing young Krista Schuhman!

And lastly, because Adam finished his work on his Naruto Shippuden image he's finally gotten to start the tone work for his Game of Thrones: Days of Future Past image. Check it out!!!

All for today. We'll see you back here on Wednesday!

Comfort & Adam

This year's pin-ups - update!

Hey our peoples - just thought we'd update you on how things are coming over here. Right now we're in the middle of working on all the pin-ups we were showing off last week - and we're happy to report that things are coming along smashingly!

Let's go in the same order we did last time...

Adam's Game of Thrones is currently in it's flats stage!

While Comfort's Star Wars Prequels poster is just over a third done.

...and her Adventure Time pin-up has it's drawing all done as of last night!

Lastly is Adam's Naruto Shippuden image. Beautiful, isn't it? And it's only gonna get cooler!

All for today guys - here's hoping we get done soon. Currently Adam is working on putting together his new computer - so wish him luck there!

Talk soon you crazy kids!


Rainbow: Vault of Midnight GR store signing - tomorrow!

Fellow Grand Rapididians!

Don't forget - tomorrow, February 27th, we are doing our very first store signing at Vault of Midnight - as well as doing our 'Let's Make a Character' presentation at Kendall College of Art and Design.

So if you’re in the area it sure would mean a lot to see you there. Our ‘Let’s Make a Character’ talk is at 12:30pm…and our Vault of Midnight store signing is at 2:30pm-?

Today we're on our way to early to see our very good friends Chris and Jennifer's today. It's been waaaaay too long since we've seen them and can't wait to get there.

Wish us luck on our first store signing!

Comfort & Adam

This year's pin-ups!

As you all know we like to do at least a few new pin-ups for each new convention season. And this year is no exception! This year we're doing five new pin-ups - five! The four you see below and the fifth will come out mid-way through the year. Oh, these are all gonna be so awesome!

Okay, so let's go down the list here starting with Adam's inspired Game of Thrones by way of Days of Future Past pin-up. This is an idea he came up with last year while we were working out and he was lucky enough to not have anyone else pick up on it in the idea in the meantime while we were finishing Rainbow and working on our book for Random House.

Words cannot begin to describe how pleased Adam was when he came up with this idea. Game of Thrones and X-men fans - eat your hearts out!

Second up is Comfort's Star Wars Prequels pin-up. Something that's been a long time coming as Comfort was supposed to do it last year with Adam's Star Wars Classic...but as you all know we ended up being ridiculously swamped with other things all year long last year. And thus, Comfort really didn't get to do much of anything by way of pin-ups for 2013...but 2014 is a totally different year. Check it out!

This little beauty took For-EVER to draw! So many little details on one massive 22x17 canvas. Hopefully it's all worth it when all this Star Wars goodness is colored and done!

Speaking of Comfort's pin-ups - she's also working on a DELIGHTFUL Adventure Time pin-up. Something she's been waiting to do ever since she was introduced to the show by our friends Kris and Ian a couple of years ago!

Both the world of Fionna and Finn. Somewhat of a challenge to put the world into her style - but it's coming along ;D

Lastly is a pin-up of Adam's that's the embodiment of everything we've been looking for in a Naruto Pin-up...but in all our searches for Naruto art to put up on our walls - we're never able to quite find. So, Adam decided to take it upon himself to do his ultimate version.

Oh Naruto, how we love you. Out of all the pin-ups we're doing - this is our personal favorite.

Hope you all enjoy what we is doin'! We'll keep you all updated on our progress!!!

Until Wednesday!

Comfort & Adam